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Internet of Things

Internet of Things


CAT M1 Device Testing

Cat M1 devices utilise the 1.4 MHz spectrum to transmit Packet Switched (PS) data between 200 – 400 kbps and can offer advantages such as coverage and security, etc.

IoTAS are able to provide GCF LTE Cat M1 field trial testing in accordance with the latest GCF CC Version.

Wi-Fi interoperability

Interoperability testing for Wi-Fi devices extends the scope of reliability testing to include:

  • domestic and public Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including coffee shops and other popular venues
  • common routers and access points used in home and office environments
  • popular mobile hotspot devices.


Whether you are developing a product for Smart Metering, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Consumer based, Agricultural or environmental purposes IoTAS can help you with your testing. IoTAS are able to complete GCF Field Trial testing for NB-IoT as well as completing confidence level testing against our own test plan.

Please follow this link to our NB-IoT page.



IoTAS is already supporting M2M manufacturers through device certification
Module level confidence testing to de-risk commercial launch in the following areas:


  •  KPI measurements including data throughput, power consumption
  •  network operator pre-ranging test
  • interoperability testing for SIM card
  • RAN infrastructure testing

IoTAS provide solutions that add value and accelerate the delivery of new connected devices and services in the Internet of Things and connected living.

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