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IoTAS China

IoTAS China

Alex Wang - IoTAS Partner Representative - China

Alex Wang 王金龙
IoTAS Approved Agent

IoTAS are able to offer cellular testing services through an Agent based in Shanghai City, China.


Access to China and it’s territories can sometimes be challenging with bureaucracy and red-tape, especially if you are a non-Chinese, foreign entity. However, China is the single largest market place for social media oriented communication and technology, as well as having 3 out of the 5 top selling smartphone companies (Aug 2018) in the world. Accordingly it is imperative that manufacturers of phones, modules and chipsets ensure their products are interoperable and available within this country.


To enable ease of access, IoTAS have an approved Agent, Alex Wang, based in Shanghai who can coordinate projects and also utilise additional resource support from the IoTAS East Asia and Australia regions.


In additional to Live Network Field Trials IoTAS can offer customers GCF certified laboratory based conformance testing for NB-IoT, Cat-M1 and 4G LTE terminal devices and modules.


Case Study Synopsis

IoTAS EMEA was approached by an existing, valued Customer with an NB-IoT module requiring European Union Radio Equipment Directive (EU RED) ‘Conformité Européenne’ (CE) certification. Working closely with the leading Chinese test house, the only such organisation capable of performing the tests at the time, a test plan was jointly constructed, executed and the results submitted for audit, approval and certification.

This ground breaking activity, project managed by IoTAS, the UK’s only ISO 17025 accredited GCF RTO and ACE laboratory with LTE Cat NB1 and LTE Cat M1 field test capabilities, helped complete the product’s RED certification and completed the GCF field test of NB-IoT.


Shanghai City



As an ISO/IEC 17025 UKAS accredited Test House, IoTAS will ensure that your China programs are executed and delivered to the highest standards of testing and certification.


IoTAS China in conjunction with IoTAS Australia and Japan are able to offer customers a full service, one-stop-shop solution to their 3GPP wireless testing requirements through the following services:




Operational Address: Local Address (IoTAS Partner):


EMEA Headquarters

4 Quy Court, Colliers Lane

Cambridge CB25 9AU

United Kingdom

☏ +44 1223 810010
✉ information@iotas.co.uk

IoTAS China

Shanghai Office

Room 405, Building 405

Shanghai Pudong Software Park

No.498 Guo Shou Jing Road, Pudong District



☏ +44 1223 810010
✉ information@iotas.co.uk

For advice and consultation, program planning and delivery, accurate, quality oriented reports and certification call IoTAS China for your 3GPP cellular testing requirements on +44 1223 810010.


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