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IoTAS Turkey

IoTAS Turkey – Serving Eastern Europe

IoTAS UK - 3GPP Cellular Testing Solutions including Approvals and Certification in the Western Europe Region

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IoTAS are able to offer Eastern European Region cellular testing services through an industry strength partnership with a leading service supplier based in Istanbul, Turkey.


This joint approach to performing European cellular testing programs, supporting network approval testing, regulatory conformance, 5G laboratory based testing, Live Network testing, etc. allows customers the achieve confidence that their products can perform as designed in this part of the world.


The Turkish partnership, fully coordinated and managed from IoTAS HQ, also offers the opportunity to test in the those countries either bordering or in relative close proximity to Turkey, such as Armenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine for example.


Western European Region

IoTAS Turkey Serving Eastern Europe


As an ISO/IEC 17025 Test House, IoTAS will execute and deliver your programs to the highest standards of testing and certification.


IoTAS Eastern Europe Region in conjunction with IoTAS EMEA are able to offer customers a full service, one-stop-shop solution to their 3GPP wireless testing requirements through the following services:




Operational Address: Local Address:


EMEA Headquarters

4 Quy Court, Colliers Lane

Cambridge CB25 9AU

United Kingdom

☏ +44 1223 810010
✉ information@iotas.co.uk

IoTAS Eastern Europe Region

Turkish Office (Partner)


Initial Contact Details:

☏ +44 1223 810010
✉ information@iotas.co.uk

For advice and consultation, program planning and delivery, accurate, quality oriented reports and certification call IoTAS Eastern Europe Region for your 3GPP cellular testing requirements on +44 1223 810010.


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