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IoTAS to attend ‘Demystifying the Edge’ Event

27 Feb 2020 - IoTAS to attend ‘Demystifying the Edge’ Event

IoTAS Operations Director, Kevin Spalding, will be attending the Cambridge Wireless event: Demystifying the Edge‘ on the 5th May 2020.

It’s difficult to read about 5G without seeing mention of the “edge” – edge computing, edge cloud, edge services…but what is the edge? Where is the edge? And why is the edge important for 5G?

This eMBB SIG event will bring delegates up to speed on the concept of the 5G edge: reviewing the role of edge computing within the broader 5G architecture evolution, exploring what edge brings to infrastructure, and how edge can enable innovative products and services.

Start time/date: 13:30 – 5th May 2020

End time/date: 17:30 – 5th May 2020

Venue: DCi, Cambridge Research Park Management Centre, 0 Beach Dr, Waterbeach, Cambridge CB25 9PD