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Robustness, Reliability And Performance Testing

Robustness, Reliability And Performance Testing

Device certification for correctly specified functionality is without doubt a key element to the success of any device and the test requirements applied are developed from the relevant Standards Organisations, such as the 3GPP, ETSI, TIA, etc. test specifications. However, whilst these tests, often rigorous and thorough, will adequately ensure that the device conforms to standardised and accepted international testing stipulations they may not fully address three core factors of actual, practical usage:

  • Robustness
  • Reliability
  • Performance

One area of particular concern is how IoT technologies fulfil these three parameters. As devices, especially those with IoT functionality, are designed and manufactured to be simpler and of low-cost, IoTAS have witnessed greater levels of performance interference and failure, especially within high noise/RF environments.



IoTAS have recognised that this is a vitally important part of the route to market for any cellular handset or device as we have, on so many occasions across our many years of testing, witnessed a degradation of deliverable functionality to the End User due to the myriad of usage scenarios. Accordingly we have developed a range of additional tests to improve End User experience by reducing problems found in the field, which can be both expensive to correct and also lead to adverse publicity.


Our testing scenarios can be tailored to customers particular requirements but we are happy to lead these planning discussions, based upon our experiences in the field (disrupting elements are commonly signal interference, background noise and path loses). The testing would usually comprise the measurement of key parameters, whilst the device is operated within complex, fading and poor network conditions, and cover:


  1. Network Attach/Detach
  2. Data bearer activation/deactivation
  3. Data connection stability (pings)
  4. Data throughput performance (compared to a suitable reference device)
  5. SMS MO/MT
  6. Cell re-selection / handover performance
  7. Performance in low signal area’s below -120dBm (with Coverage Enhancement)
  8. In and out of service


Some of the measurements we record, calculate and report upon would also potentially include:


  1. Success rate to attach to the network, with average connection setup time
  2. Success rate to send and receive data, with average ping times
  3. Long duration stability testing using an automated test bed.
  4. Testing in multiple locations with ‘real life’ network scenarios
  5. Testing in poor network coverage


If you are looking for a quality focused, qualitative appraisal of your device’s performance in ‘real’ and often challenging environments then please contact IoTAS to begin discussions on how we can bring enhanced value to your product.

If you are looking to test your devices for Robustness, Reliability And Performance in order to ensure your product is ‘sales ready’ then call IoTAS today on +44 (0)1223 810010 to learn how we can help.