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Commercial Invoices

04 Dec 2018 - Commercial Invoices

Depending upon your location you may be required to include a Commercial Invoice with your equipment shipment.

A Commercial Invoice is a customs document which should include all relevant address information, details about the items being sent, quantities, value, etc. A Commercial Invoice template is usually made available by the courier for use with your shipment.

As the majority for items sent for testing are development or engineering samples they are not for sale and therefore have no direct commercial value.

Accordingly we advise that your declaration for the shipment value be a nominal amount and as low as possible to reflect the non-commercial value of the items. By declaring a low item value  excess import duty fees can be avoided, which are usually automatically applied to shipments whose value exceeds $100 US. Please ensure that the description of the item clearly states that it is a non-commercial sample for the purposes of testing.


In addition we strongly advise that devices are not sent in their OEM marketing/sales packaging as this may be considered a commercial offering by Customs.

We recommend the attachment of a sticker, on every device, clearly stating ‘Engineering/Development Samples’ and ‘No Commercial Value. Value attached for customs purposes only.’

Covering Letter

Please include, with the Airway Bill, a covering letter clearly stating the purpose of shipment. Please use your business letterhead stationery with a company stamp impression or identifier where possible. And electronic version should be sent to logistics@iotas.co.uk

Within the covering letter please declare the following:
1. The phone(s) and/or devices are ‘NON-COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT/TEST UNITS’
2. The phone(s) and/or devices are ‘NOT FOR SALE’
3. The phone(s) and/or devices shall be used for ‘R&D AND TESTING PUPOSES IN JAPAN’

Please ensure that you always select the option ‘Duty and Tax to be paid by shipper’
Where Duty and Tax has to be paid by consignee, please inform the same with an advance via email.